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Dr. Christina Contrastano, PsyD

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Center and telehealth
State(s) Licensed
NJ and PSYPACT States
Ages Treated
Adults, Young Adults, Adolescents
Areas of Expertise
Anxiety, Depression, Perfectionism, Substance Abuse, and Trauma, Parenting

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”

Dr. Christina Contrastano joined Dr. Drapkin at the CBT Center in 2020. She is a licensed clinical psychologist, trained in a variety of evidence-based practices including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), radically-open dialectical behavior therapy (RO-DBT) approach, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). 

Dr. Contrastano works with patients across the lifespan, including couples and families. She especially enjoys working with adolescents and young adults, particularly those struggling with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and substance abuse. Dr. Contrastano has expertise in working with children and adults who have experienced trauma, specifically sexual trauma. She is certified in trauma-focused CBT and receives ongoing training and consultation in the cutting-edge treatment intervention DBT-PTSD, as well as ACT interventions for trauma. 

Wondering what a session with Dr. Contrastano may look like? 

She truly believes that while she has advanced training in psychology, you are the expert on your life. She uses compassion, curiosity and humor to help people figure out what really matters to them and then teaches well-researched skills to help them create the life they want. She helps you figure out the path you want to take and then walks alongside you offering support, feedback and guidance. 

Her work with each client is unique. In addition to talking, Dr. Contrastano loves using her whiteboard or other visual tools, as well as items in the office that allow for in the moment, experiential practice, such as her self-soothe kit (go here for more info). 

She is also a lifelong dancer and yoga enthusiast, who has a Master’s degree in creative arts in therapy, and enjoys using movement and body-based approaches in sessions. She believes that while therapy can often be hard and painful, learning about yourself and improving your life can also be a fun and enjoyable process! 

Dr. Contrastano is a mother to two little girls and a tiny baby boy, and she has a passion for supporting parents. She’s in the thick of it and knows how incredibly challenging and isolating parenting tends to be. None of us feel like we are doing it right and we all feel like it’s only us! Her mission is to share much-needed resources with fellow parents so that we can build community and be kinder to ourselves as we do the hardest work in the world. She and Dr. Drapkin regularly host a Mindful Parenting Workshop (follow us here for more info).

Dr. Contrastano looks forward to meeting you and working together on what matters to you!

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