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From the Psychologists Off the Clock website:

If you are struggling to make positive changes in your life, our interview with Dr. Michelle Drapkin is full of inspiration on prioritizing and being compassionate with yourself, even when facing setbacks.

As we dig into research-proven strategies from Michelle’s new self-help book, The Motivational Interviewing Path to Personal Change, you’ll learn how motivational interviewing works and helps you move in the direction of what’s important to you and your values. If you feel stuck or unsure about where to start, Michelle’s tips on identifying targets for change and how to get unstuck using change talk will help you gain clarity and momentum. Tune in to learn how to harness your intrinsic motivation so that you can understand the “Why” behind your journey and make changes that last!

Listen and Learn:

  • * What is motivational interviewing?
  • * The stages of change and why they’re not linear
  • * Is there a more skillful way to identify targets for change and goals?
  • * Change begins with the DARN CAT
  • * Sustain talk vs. change talk
  • * Michelle’s top tips for creating behavioral change
  • * What to do if you encounter a setback

318. Your Path to Personal Change with Michelle Drapkin

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